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Creamy Rose Marble Round Package

Creamy Rose Marble Round Package

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The Cube Coffee Table is a beautiful piece that can enhance your living space. It complements any home decor and adds elegance to any room. It has a modern design and can be placed next to any furniture. Please keep in mind that the table is made of natural stone Since marble is a natural stone, each piece may have minor differences in pattern, colour, and texture.

Our plinths are crafted from solid slabs with mitred edges and a hollow design. They are designed to be strong, sturdy, and timeless. The small size of the plinth is perfect as a side table, and when clustered with the medium and large sizes, they create an exceptionally elevated aesthetic. The Marble Plinth is a stunning natural stone that features veins that add a bold and playful contrast to the soft aesthetic. It's a beautiful addition to any well-designed and curated space.

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